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About Ecofill

Ecofill International B.V. has evolved from a supplier of a small range of specialized products to a full service partner for the aluminum extrusion industries around the globe.


Here you can learn about our products and services, visit some of our business partners or be entertained by a range of short movies, showing the in’s and outs of aluminum plants around the globe. If you have a specific problem and can’t find the answer on our website, please feel free to contact us. Our broad knowledge and experience in the field enables us to find a fitting solution for most industrial problems.


Ecofill International manufactures needlefelts made out of typical high temperature and high wear resistant fibers like i.e. Zylon, Kevlar, Golden Brown,  Twaron, Nomex, Conex and  Polyester for all handling and transport solutions in the aluminum extrusion process.


Ecofill has a team of skilled engineers and craftsmen ready to implement our products, help you out when you need an extra pair of hands or perform various other functions around your company.

Help Centre

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The Capture Total

ECOFILL power felts are the cosmetic for Aluminum Extrusions

  •  Preventing scratches and dents on your profiles

  •  Ultra durable and long lasting

  •  Manufactured fl awless to perfection

  • Temperature ranges up to 650C


HONESTY Needle felt based Cosmetics for Aluminum Extrusions 

All ECOFILL / HONESTY Needle felt Roller sleeves or Roller covers are completely seamless, round needled with or without resin impregnation, comprising an inside diameter tolerance of -0+0.15 mm for a perfect, easy to install fit.


Main timing belt advantages

  • Virtually no elongations/stretching due to wear.

  • No need for tensioning devices.

  • Energy savings.

  • Reduced cost associated with downtime on top of lost productivity.

  • Precision registration and timing with no loss of high torque carrying capability.