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Aluminum Extrusion Equipment Brokers

ECOFILL beeing active in the global Aluminium Extrusion Industry for decades especially with high- performance Needle felt products. Manufactured in our own production facilities in The Netherlands. Ecofill has strong contacts with many major Aluminium Extrusion plants around the world enabeling us to connect offer and demand.


New and renewed equipment for the aluminum extruder.

We offer new and renewed Aluminum Extrusion Equipment, replacement parts and supplies to the aluminum extruder.

We trade in renewed aluminum extrusion presses; handling systems; pullers; stretchers; hot saws; water quench systems; finishing & hot saws; billet saws; age ovens; die ovens; billet furnaces; log furnaces, shears and anything else required in the extrusion industry.


Filtration & Separation

Kompetenz fur Systeme.

Ecofill works for various industries; oil and gas, petrochemical, energie, paper, steel, aluminum extrusion and water purification. We keep developing ourselves continiously to offer our customers the right product on the right time in the right place.


Thermika infra red.

In 1990 a leading International Aluminum Extrusion company expressed interest in advanced technology to heat steel dies. In response, our team began developing an Infra-red heating system for industrial processes. This resulted in the successful design of an efficient Infra-red Die heating oven. The next crucial step was to develop a control system that streamlined operational functions within the plant.


Boron nitride.

Boron nitride is white (clean appearance), non-toxic and a non-conductor of electricity, and is an excellent substitute for other commonly used lubricants in metals processing such as graphite, molybdenum disulfide, and organic waxes and oils. In most cases, boron nitride substantially improves the efficiency of these applications.


Carbon / Graphite

Speciality Carbon / Graphite manufactured by Ecofill International has been steadily gaining acceptance and recognition in a highly competitive and quality conscious international market. The products manufatured cover a wide range of applications in the aluminium extrusion and jewellery industry.