filtration skids
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filtration skid range

New Hydac NF Housing 2600 NF ECO/N10410D 23LZ2.6

Elements: 2600 ROXX ECO/N

FFA375 PALL 2* HH 8304-X & Cooling Elements

Elements: HC8304FXX39H

RVS Suckfilter for use with Pump Unit

Eelements 3310 are included
Can also be used as press filter

RVS Sparkler filterhousing

vzv 102 St 30″ 3310 filters, QMax: 60 M3/H

FFA 50 PALL 1* 8304-X HH 8304 -X

2 FFA’s, Element HC8304FXX39H

Duplex (2*2) 8342 PALL X Lngt

Elements: PALL HC8300Fxx39H

Thermomeccanica TER Screw pump

Frequency controlled Pumpunit