Seperation filtration
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NEW! – For our Dutch customers we’ve created a special website for our filtration and separation services.

You can find it at:

Due to the global industrial market demand to look as much as possible into enviromental clean products, Ecofill International manufactures highly efficient Hydrolic and Lube oil filter elements or cartridges. These elements very often can be recycled after usage just by sending them back to us! We will reuse the metalic/plastic end caps and stell innercore and supply the elements back with exactly the same specifications as an original one!

As a consequence we of course can supply you with new elements which can be thrown away after usage. As an example filter elements which we often find in aluminium extrusion plants are Pall HC 8300 or 8304 and Hydac 2600 or 1300, these elements among many others can be recycled by Ecofill International without any degradation to filtration efficiency or lifetime.


ECOFILL Total Cleanliness Management (TCM)

ECOFILL has been active in the manufacturing of  Filter-elements and Filter & Separating units for over 30 years.
We manufacture and supply a complete range of filtration / separation and  purification products for mainly hydraulic and lubrication oil systems for many types of industries;
concentrating on:

  • Paper-mills,
  •  Aluminum extrusion plants
  • Power plants.

Virtually every filter element can be manufactured in our factory at ECOFILL BV in the Netherlands.


Ecofill offers an extensive range of Alfa Laval Oil/Water-dirt separators, PALL purifiers and PALL Filtration units.

Water contamination in oil systems enhances wear and as a result:

  • The oil-film thickness is heavily reduced,
  • Accelerated metal surface fatigue goes fast
  • Corrosion an oil breakdown are bound to set in.

To minimize or prevent these processes it’s absolutely necessary to efficiently remove water and dirt- contamination out of the system by (incidentally) making use of high performance filter units and or separators & purifiers.

ECOFILL offers these units for rent and for sale, fully equipped; with or without our skilled personnel, including field laboratory services and or online particle counting and water content measuring systems.

Examples of other application areas

Cutting fluids, cooling water, fuel, dielectric oil & air purification.

ECOFILL’s Total Cleanliness Management program will result in reduced maintenance costs, longer lifetime of critical system parts, less downtime and as a result increased productivity.

ECOFILL: Enhancing fluid /air Cleanliness, advancing productivity and assuring reliability!


Hydraulic Filters

Filtration Skids

Seperation and Purification solutions