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Alcoflex – on site services
Ecofill has a team of skilled engineers and craftsmen ready to implement our products, help you out when you need an extra pair of hands or perform various other functions around your company.
We arrive fully equipped with machinery, personnel and technical know-how. Please let us know your requirements and needs.

Optec – Optimum Technologies
For all computer related services, from office automation to PLC programming, Ecofill employs a small team of specialists. Our experience allows us to quickly assess your environment and advice you on how to optimize your automation.

Polymer development
ECOFILL works as a think tank and information bank for several of the world’s most famous fibre manufacturers.
‘Important Textile Fibres and their Properties’ (Download PDF)

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Timing Belts

Roller Sleeves

Factory Tailored felt Products

Refractory Material

Rubber Compound Solutions

Filtration Separation

Equipment Brokers

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