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Social involvement:

Our social commitment programs around the world range from creating a safe workplace to reaching out and supporting modern-art master painters by organizing landmark exhibitions and events.


Terre- d’ Or Foundation:

The TERRE d’Or Foundation is committed to fostering knowledge to enrich and sustain lives by raising awareness about the on-going threat of terrorism worldwide, and as a result helping people to be more prepared for any potential threat.



Ecofill’s production and manufacturing processes are designed to optimize our use of all resources while creating, packaging and distributing our products in a manner that lessens their impact on the eco system and general environment.


Best Practice:

At Ecofill our commitment to quality goes beyond the product. We live and breathe best practice. From our systems and processes to the welfare of our employees, Ecofill is committed to being an employer of choice through providing a stable, attractive, safe and encouraging workplace.