Factory Tailored felt Products
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Factory Tailored felt Products

exceptional attention to detail makes the difference!

After many years of taking on challenging industrial demands, ECOFILL is offering high end customized solutions and products.
ECOFILL manufactures industrial textiles and felts: roller sleeves, pads, strips, slats, conveyor belts etc starting with the virgin fibers up to the tailored finished end products

ECOFILL’s Factory Tailored felt Products

All high temperature resistant products are designed specifically for the international Aluminum Extrusion Industry; preventing cuts, scuff marks and scratches on the finished aluminum profiles of our clients.



All ECOFILL/HONESTY Needle felt products are available with resin impregnation, not leaving stains on hot extruded aluminum profiles! The resin impregnation enhances the durability of the roller sleeves, belts, pads and makes it more stiff. The hardness of the roller sleeve can be adjusted by the concentration of the resin together with the amount of resin treatment cycles of the felt products. Next to a higher durability another advantage of resin impregnation is that aluminum swarf and or dirt does not stick into the felt.


Most products can be manufactured up to a temperature resistance of 650 C / 1200 F

Next to ECOFILL’s complete Needle felt manufacturing plant we also have

the following in-house production facilities:

  • Water jetting
  • Thermo welding
  • Tape Weaving looms for endless Spacer sleeves
  • Locking machines, stitching, sewing machines, trench machines

HONESTY Needle felt based Cosmetics for Aluminum Extrusions

All ECOFILL / HONESTY Needle felt Roller sleeves or Roller covers are completely seamless, round needled with or without resin impregnation, comprising an inside diameter tolerance of -0+0.15 mm for a perfect, easy to install fit.

An impression of most, but not all of our speciality product-range is best covered by pictures showing

High temp resistant PBO rollers OD=30 mm for annealing furnaces.

Full Needle felt slats T=25 mm thick for replacing carbon bars on a slat conveyor belt and or walking beams.

Full Needle felt Salino’s for segmented conveyor belts often found in cooling tables of heavy extrusion Presses.

High temperature resistant gloves, arm protectors.

Cut resistant working gloves; different protection levels.

Water jetted T-shapes and different callipers made from 100 % Needle felt; almost any shape possible!

Rectangular Needle felt tubes for separating profiles / building bridges for multi cavity moulds straight behind the press mouth

Different kinds of woven endless spacer sleeves; retractable / with shrink, or without shrink. PE, PPS, Mar and or with or without water or oil repellent after treatment.

Thermo welded endless spacer sleeves any common perimeter possible with a straight weld over the total length of the 50 meter / yd roll (not a curved thermo-weld!)