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Ecofill International manufactures ceramic shells for billet ovens in different qualities. For high temperature shock resistance we advise to use our Quartz quality.

Additional Refractory Products

For block or billet ovens we manufacture the following products: Burner nozzles, Förderketten, Chains, Billet carriers, (Y) and Pyrometer insulating blocks, all according to your specifications. Due to our extensive experience most of these products have been innovated which guarantees an optimal price/performance ratio!

Burner nozzles, made out of our special alloy stainless stell which will not melt down after a certain time of use.

Reinforced oven chains for long lasting performance and easy maintenance.


Ecofill’s refractory solutions & ceramic parts, especially ceramic shells for gas heated billet/ log furnaces have proven their quality for decades.

Chain & Billet Carriers

Log chains especially for ELHAUS furnaces

Burner Nozzles

Innovative high performance gas-burner nozzles

Pirometer insulating block

Ecofill offers a complete range of various styles

Furnace Components

Ecofill manufactures high quality transport solutions in the aluminium extrusion industry.